121 Coaching for peace of mind

I offer private coaching with a difference.

It’s all about the peace, joy and laughter. Life in general and especially coaching can feel very serious and like we have to achieve, improve, and fix ourselves. I cannot begin to tell you the relief I felt when I realised underneath it all no one, like really no one is fundamentally broken and that includes YOU and ME. Oh the relief . What a great place to start: no pressure, no goals just showing up to each session with an open mind. Relax, bring along your favourite cuppa and watch the magic happen. If you are looking to bring the fun, laughter and joy back into your life I would love to help you.

Please e-mail me to book in for a free zoom chat where we can get to know each other and find out if I can be of any help to you.

If we want to continue to work together then I would recommend  5 sessions to help you on the road to finding the joy, peace and laughter that you know is there. How do you know?! because you have felt it before, it just seems to be hiding right now!

£350 for 5 sessions

Let’s work together to uncover your inner sparkle…..