The importance of eye contact to your dog

Nov 22, 2021
The importance of eye contact to your dog
Today I would love for you to consider what "eye contact" means for your dog. 

Take a few moments to try this out with them:
  • What do they do when you make eye contact with them?
  • How often do they initiate eye contact with you?
  • Do you have a dog that will really stare at you when it's time for dinner?
  • Maybe they have an internal clock and they can let you know when it's time to go for a walk?
Eye contact is very important for your dog.  When and how you use it can make a huge difference as to how your dog behaves. 

If you feel your dog is generally nervous or anxious, then less eye contact from you will help them to relax. Once they are relaxed then of course make eye contact and call them to you. 

If your dog is overexcited and jumping up, now is not the time to make eye contact as this will actually encourage them to continue their behaviour. 

As always don't just believe, check it out for yourself. Play around with it and really observe your dog in different situations.