Freedom from separation Anxiety

Does your dog chew and destroy your home and things in it?

Does your dog attention seek all day long?

Does your dog whine, bark or cry when you leave the room?

Do you feel you can’t leave them for even 20 minutes?

Are you unsure why it happens and what causes it?

Do you want the freedom to leave the house without your dog and be guilt free?


Then you need this course ‘Freedom from separation anxiety’

It is possible to understand and overcome your dog’s separation anxiety!

Join this course today to discover the simple solution to solving your dog’s anxiety when they are separated from you. Make changes at your own pace, your dog’s pace and in your own time.


I’ve been a qualified dog behaviour coach for the last 15 years and I promise you that it is possible to help your dog’s separation anxiety.

I hear you, you know your dog is suffering from Separation Anxiety, but you have tried everything you can think of:

  • You’ve told them where you are going and that you won’t be long
  • You’ve left lots of toys/chews
  • You’ve taken them for a long walk before you leave in the hope they will be tired enough not to notice you left
  • You’ve even left their favourite radio station or TV channel on.


But nothing is working?


In fact, if you are really honest, you realise your dog follows you around the house, sometimes even to the bathroom and it feels like a MASSIVE leap that you will be able to go to work, never mind actually going out and having some fun.

I am here to tell you it is possible! You can leave the house and have some fun, and your dog will be blissfully happy at home enjoying the peace and quiet.


Imagine picking up your keys to leave, and just going out. No fuss. No barking. No whining. Just you and your plans, without your furry friend.

Imagine being safe in the knowledge that they’re at home chilling out while you enjoy some time away free of leads, poo bags and treats.

Imagine coming home without the worry of “oh my god, what have they destroyed this time?”

Imagine just walking in, putting the kettle on and giving your dog the opportunity for a pee. No fuss, no hassle, just calm “happy to be home” vibes.

Want to start living like that RIGHT NOW?


This online course gives you everything you need to make the changes in your dog’s life so they can actually enjoy the time resting and relaxing while you are out.

You will get:

  • A workbook with 8 videos that take you through everything you need to help your dogs separation anxiety
  • An understanding of the 4 Care Connections – what they are and how they help you and your dog
  • A video that is really the most important – what happens if it’s not working?! Here I share with you all the pitfalls I have come across over the last 15 years and offer solutions so that you have EVERYTHING you need to make this happen.

This course is perfect for you if

  • You feel like you can’t leave your dog alone
  • You feel guilty every time you have to go to work
  • And even worse if you are going out to actually have some fun! Yes this is allowed.
  • Maybe you have never actually left your dog and you need a plan of action
  • You are aware that in order for this process to work you have to make changes to your own behaviour
  • You are ready to commit to making these changes for the benefit of your dog


Meet the trainer...


Hi, I’m Julie! I qualified as a dog behaviour coach in September 2006 from the Jan Fennell Organisation of Dog Listeners and continue to work closely with my trusted colleagues through the Calm Canine Cooperative.

Over the last 15 years, I have helped my clients leave the house while their dogs stay home, relaxed and enjoying the peace and quiet.

From all my experience, I have learned the real magic required to change your dog’s behaviour actually comes from YOU. You really do have everything you need to help your dog already.

I’m also a qualified life coach, which has allowed me to create this unique course for you. I have combined everything I have learnt about dogs with everything I have learnt about humans to provide you with a step-by-step, simple, very easy to use, no willpower required course. I give you the power to trust yourself and your dog to achieve the exact solutions you are looking for.


The 4 care connections...


The 4 care connections that  I share are 100% kind to both humans and dogs. I will never ask you to do anything you don’t want to do, I help you trust your intuition.

This process of implementing the 4 Care Connections using your own intuition and my guidance is what I have been practising with 100s of clients since 2006. You can purchase in the safe knowledge that it’s a tried and trusted approach.

All of this can be accessed right now via this online course. You will have lifetime access to all the videos so you can refer back at any time. You will have access to my private client FB Group – ‘Julie’s Graduates’ – where you will find like-minded people all sharing and supporting their dogs with these 4 simple care connections as their guide. 

Pepsi, my dog, was already 7 years old when I came across the 4 Care Connections and from the day we started to change our behaviour we realised she was relaxing and less worried about us leaving. Today with my dog, Fudge, we have implemented the 4 Care Connections since the day she joined our family and that means she’s always had positive experiences with us leaving her.




“If anyone’s thinking of working with Julie, go for it! It’ll change everything you thought you knew about dogs and make your life with your dog so much easier and calmer. I really wasn’t sure what to expect of an online dog coaching course, but it exceeded every expectation. Best investment you could make for you and your dog. It’s brilliant! Every dog owner would benefit from this.”

 Alex, Oman


“Many thanks Julie for opening my mind to a new way of thinking about training Charlie..“

Emma, Edinburgh


“Everyone is so much happier and less stressed“

Alan, England


“I appreciated your gentle, insightful support so much and it came just at the right moment.”

Celia, Australia


“You have a great sense of humour. Laughter was a lovely aspect of your particular support!“

Susan, England


Full Course outline:

Video 1 – How to get the best from this course


Video 2 – Find out WHY your dog is suffering from Separation Anxiety

(Spoiler alert: it’s not your fault)


Video 3 – Greetings and Attention (This is the big one!)


Video 4 – Food

Learn the best way to feed your dog that will help them cope when you leave them alone.


Video 5 – Barking and reactivity

How and why this contributes to your dog’s Separation Anxiety


Video 6 – Walking and playing with your dog outside the safety of home


Video 7 – A very personal story

The whole reason I got into this dog behaviour gig in the first place was down to my previous dog “Pepsi” who suffered from a very extreme version of Separation Anxiety. In this video I share our story. She taught me so much and I still miss her a lot.


Video 8 – What to do when things go wrong

I have a tried and tested process that I share in this video so you need never feel alone and will always know what to do to help your dog.


This course includes:


8 videos

4 simple steps

Workbook if you like to take notes

Progress tracker to keep you motivated

Full lifetime access

A fresh new approach to understanding your dog