Freedom from Training



Freedom from Training



Course dates: runs for 6 weeks

This 6 week course (for dogs 8 months and older) is designed to take you from feeling overwhelmed and unsure about your dog's behaviour to feeling confident and knowledgeable. You will have everything you need for your dog to be Relaxed AND Responsive.

I can see that so many of you adore your dogs yet there are some behaviours that just won't go away. You have tried absolutely everything yet still you don't really understand why! Your dog continues to display certain really annoying and frustrating behaviours.

This course is for you if:

You love your dog, have tried every training technique and gadget you can think of and are now looking for a different approach.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • My dog pulls madly on the lead
  • My dog stops still and refuses to move
  • My dog chases all kinds of things
  • My dog barks excessively
  • My dog is aggressive when scared
  • My dog is still toileting in the house
  • My dog hates being left alone
  • My dog jumps on people & other dogs
  • My dog has great recall unless there are another dogs/people/sheep/squirrels! in the are
  • My dog.....! There is an endless supply of unacceptable behaviours.


This course will help you to understand why your dog is displaying these behaviours AND what you can do to improve them. You have the power...!!


Your investment: £197

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What can you expect?

Course dates: runs for 6 weeks

You will receive 6 videos outlining the 4 principles that will form the basis of your new understanding of your dog

You will have the opportunity to ask me questions every Wednesday at 1pm when I will be available live on Zoom. (Don't worry if you can't make it 1 week I will record the call and send it out to you afterwards so you can listen at your leisure)

You will have access to a WhatsApp group just for those on this course and I will check -in there every week day to answer questions and keep you on track

You will receive a workbook that you can use as a reference and to make any notes you might want for the future

You will have the opportunity to book a 1/2 hour 121 session with me. This is your opportunity to dive deep into what is going on for you

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Client Testimonials


"Evie and I have come away from your training classes feeling much happier and settled"

Diane, Edinburgh


"I wanted to tell you about how much better I felt after our zoom conversation, because it surprised me! I immediately felt MUCH calmer inside. I felt much better about myself and how I'm 'handling' George's reintegration into the world'. I knew I needed to be calm and consistent, and I was.......but I was reminded not to try to do too much!"

Moira, Fife


Thanks so much for the class this evening... I love how all the dogs and owners are becoming more relaxed! It’s so 3P!! It's like the things that were a problem, start to just not be a problem anymore!! You are working some kind of doggie 3P magic here

Emma, England

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