How I can help you help your dog



I can help you have a relaxed and responsive dog

My approach to dogs and their behaviour is slightly different to most others. Assuming we agree that having a Relaxed and Responsive dog is going to solve 99% of any struggles you are experiencing with your dog then I have some really great news.

Your dog already knows how to be Relaxed and Responsive and their is nothing we need to do to teach, change or control them.

You don’t need me!

If you take the time to look closely you will see that your dog spends at least some time in any given day relaxed and when you call them to you from that state they will respond.

There is nothing to do with your dog. I will help you to understand why your dog is doing what they do, help you to listen to your dog and any doing will become obvious. It  looks different for every single dog and owner I have ever worked with. There is no need for comparisons and judgement. Every single dog, owner and relationship between the 2 will look different and that’s absolutely perfect.

It’s worth mentioning here that there are no hard and fast rules, there are no should and should nots. This is about a relationship between your dog and you and if there is any work to do, it’s about building a relationship full of care, gentleness and trust.



“I can’t recommend Julie highly enough! Her knowledge and expertise in Dog Listening enabled our family to dramatically change our weimeraner’s behaviour from being anxious and aggressive to being relaxed, calm, happy and playful. My husband and our 3 young daughters were despairing about ‘Bear’ before we worked with Julie. We really couldn’t see how we could keep this large, unpredictable and sometimes intimidating dog. He suffered badly from separation anxiety and had chewed our house to bits in the process! Within a few days of implementing Julie’s advice Bear’s behaviour completed changed. It was incredible, it was like someone had given us a new dog! We are so greatful to Julie for helping us to listen to our dog and therefore allowing us to have the fun, family dog that we always wanted.”

Shauna, Edinburgh



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