Private coaching for you and your dog



I am not taking any new private clients at this time, however if you are interested in working with me in this way, please do drop me a message and I will let you know as soon as I have some spaces open up.

This is  perfect for you if you find the group environment of classes to be overwhelming and too general for the specific issues you might be experiencing with your dog.You are 100% committed to making changes around your own behaviour to see real improvements in your dog’s behaviour.

In these 8 private sessions you get to choose a convenient time and I can really get to know both you and your dog, the nuances of your relationship with your dog and your dog’s own personality.

The first session can take place at your home if you live in the Edinburgh area, otherwise all 8 sessions will take place on the Zoom Platform.  I have discovered from experience that if your dog is  present during all of the  sessions you will become very good at dealing with whatever behaviours your dog is displaying in that situation on that particular day. However, to get the best value and effective use of your time with me it’s important  that you have the information to improve your dog’s behaviour in any given situation.

Each session will be relaxed and informal. I will introduce a guiding principle each week and there will be plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion. I will leave you each week with some practical elements to introduce into your dog’s life. All of this will be aimed at ensuring you and your dog have the best relationship possible and that your dog is able to experience life from their innate well being of relaxed and responsive.

Please be assured that everything I ask of you will be kind and it’s important to be aware that there are always different ways to achieve the same results. If one way is not working for you, bring that back to the following session and I can offer you some alternatives. I have been working with owners and their dogs for the last 15 years and so I am very experienced when it comes to “naughty” dogs!


“Julie makes you think differently about your dog and it’s behaviour. She challenges many of your misconceptions about a dog and it’s needs. She can clearly  explain why your dog is behaving in a certain way. She helped us to understand where a dog’s place in the family and the home should be and how to keep our dog( mostly!) calm and responsive to us. We were very happy with the service that Julie offered and the results that we were able to achieve by adhering to her principles.”

Kenneth, Edinburgh  


Your Investment:

£999.00 (plus travelling expenses of 0.60p per mile outside of Portobello, Edinburgh)

(payment plan available)

My commitment to you:

1.  Access to me privately via Whats app for up to a year after your course ends

2.   A clear understanding of why your dog behaves the way that they do.

3.   Assistance to help you create your own personal action plan to improve the specific concerns you  have around your dog’s behaviour in conjunction with a workbook I have created to keep this process as simple as possible.

4. I  recognise that all dogs have their own innate wisdom and are relaxed and responsive by nature, you don’t really need me! you already have everything you need to help your dog experience their best life. Everything we do together will be relaxed, fun and take into account your dog’s true nature.

5. I will help you to access your own intuition and wisdom and trust yourself around your dog’s behaviour.

To make a booking please click here  and let me know your name, your dog’s name,  age and any relevant information.  I will be in touch to discuss.

I can’t wait to help you  connect with your own  innate wisdom to help you and your dog experience life in a relaxed and responsive way.