Puppy Love




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Puppy Love

This course is designed to take you from feeling overwhelmed and unsure about your puppy’s behaviour to feeling confident and knowledgeable. You will have everything you need for your puppy to be relaxed and responsive.

I know you adore your puppy but some of their behaviours are just so confusing and this puppy stage is totally exhausting! So, you’d heard about sleepless nights and that puppies are prone to nipping but… REALLY! This is ridiculous!


It doesn’t have to be this way


I have the solution

All you need is an understanding of why your puppy is behaving the way they are and I promise you will know exactly what to do. No more endless googling and asking everybody that will listen – why? Why? Why? Help!

During this 6 week programme I will not only give you ‘THE UNDERSTANDING’ I will personally guide you through 4 simple solutions that will guarantee you have a relaxed and responsive puppy.


This course is for you if:

  • You love your puppy truly, madly and deeply
  • You want to give them the best start in life and you are looking for an approach that is kind to both you and your puppy

Does any of the below sound familiar?

  • My puppy is struggling with toilet training
  • My puppy is struggling to sleep
  • My puppy cries when I leave the room
  • My puppy can’t settle anywhere
  • My puppy is nervous of going out for a walk
  • My puppy nips and bites and can sometimes be quite aggressive
  • My puppy chews everything they are not supposed to
  • My puppy….. Therre is an endless supply of unacceptable behaiours


I hear you!

This course will help you understand why your puppy is displaying these behaviours AND what you can do to improve them


You have the power! 

You will receive 6 videos outlining the 4 care connections that will form the basis of your relationship with your puppy

You will have the opportunity to ask me questions every Tuesday at 1pm when I will be available live on zoom (don’t worry if you cant make it one week, I will record the call and send it out to you afterwards so you can listen at your leisure)

You will receive your own puppy workbook and I will guide and support you through completing this so that you can use it as a reference for as long as you want it

Once you have completed puppy love you will have the opportunity to join me in my monthly membership Deeper Love (link). This will mean you will always have access to my support and reassurance as your puppy develops into a grown-up dog

Access to private WhatsApp Group with full support from me and other like-minded dog owners

I would love to help you help your puppy


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"Julie always goes above and beyond and genuinely cares about making sure both your dog and you are leading a happy life!"

Niki, Edinburgh


"Puppy Love has been incredibly helpful and I really feel we're making great progress with Ollie. It's fascinating learning about all the different areas to work on and look at - it's broken the training down so it has become really simple."

Joanne, Edinburgh


"Julie makes you think differently about your dog and it's behaviour. She challenges many of your misconceptions about a dog and it's needs. She can clearly explain why your dog is behaving in a certain way. She helped us to understand where a dog's place in the family and the home should be and how to keep our dog( mostly!) calm and responsive to us. We were very happy with the service that Julie offered and the results that we were able to achieve by adhering to her principles.”

Kenneth, Edinburgh

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