Separation Anxiety FAQ's

Q. I feel like I am doing everything I can but it’s still not working?

A. Now is the time to get out your progress tracker and be really honest. Are there areas that you have not been as consistent with as you thought?


Q. I feel like I am ignoring my dog all the time?

A. Remember that ignoring your dog is actually a communication for your dog. It is helping them to relax and trust you. Remember that you can invite them over to you at any time, once they have left you alone and enjoyed 5 minutes calm. You even get bonus points for recall practice when doing this!


Q. I feel so guilty, help?

A. Honestly this is the most common feeling I and many of my clients experience. You are not alone. However, is you feeling guilty changing anything? remember you always have a choice. Trust yourself and when you have done everything you can, put down the guilt. It is not serving you or your dog! Guilt is just a lot of thoughts piled on top of each other and once we get wise to the fact it’s just unhelpful thinking, we can let it go and leave space for peace, joy and love.


Q. My dog follows me around everywhere and I can’t leave them for just 1 second without them getting distressed?

A. This is your dog communicating with you and letting you know that’s exactly where you need to start. You create your micro absences by just leaving for 10 seconds and returning. Practice closing doors around the house, to give yourself lots of opportunity to practice.


Q. My question is not covered here, what should I do?

Do not feel alone, drop your question into the private FB group “Julie’s Graduates” and I bet someone else has experienced the same thing and I check in there regularly so will be able to help you.