Dog Listening Boot Camp

Get started right now, Access all the information required to learn how to bring Dog listening into your life  immediately!   Let's get your first 121 call with me in your diary and make this happen. 


Transform your dogs behaviour in 6 weeks

Taking you from feeling stressed, anxious and confused around your dog’s behaviour to feeling calm and in control using this kind, gentle and effective approach. Imagine a life where you can take your dog wherever you want and know you have the knowledge to keep your dog safe and responsive to you. On the days when you want to leave them alone or with a friend, they can be trusted to remain calm and relaxed.


I understand ...

 that you may have already researched via google, asking advice from friends, other dog owners and FB groups. Maybe even already worked with a dog trainer and there have been some improvements in your dog’s behavior but there is something missing, something doesn’t feel quite right. It could be feelings of desperation and what might happen if the situation with your dog remains unresolved. For me personally I felt so guilty, stressed and worried. I knew my dog was struggling and I felt powerless to help because everything I had tried just didn’t seem to work. At one point I actually thought I might have to give her up. It does not need to be this way. There is hope for your dog.

Finally say good bye to hours of training, you can stop looking for another technique and you definitely don’t need to buy another gadget.

My wonderful dog Pepsi, brought me to this solution way back in 2006. She was 7 years old and I had her since a young puppy. In had not always been this way, but by the age of 7 she was struggling with severe separation anxiety, aggression towards other dogs and pulled on her lead like a crazy thing. After reading the book called the Dog Listener by Jan Fennell I was hooked. Here was someone suggesting that this could all be solved in a simple, kind and effective way.

While practising Dog Listening with Pepsi I graduated with the advanced level certification from the Jan Fennell International Organisation presented by Tony Knight The Dog Listener. I was now confident and excited to start sharing everything I had learnt to help others experience the same relief, joy and improvement to their dogs behaviour that I had found through helping Pepsi.



Recently I started working with Katie and her dog Pip via my online group coaching course. Pip was suffering from some separation anxiety, pulling on the lead, reactive on walks and excessive barking. After joining the course, understanding why her dog was behaving in this way and making some simple changes to her own behaviour this is what she had to say:

Katie (Edinburgh)

Hand on heart I’m SO glad I did the course; it’s completely changed the way we are with Pip and made Pip a happier and more chilled dog too. It has taken such a HUGE pressure off us as a couple too and eliminated one of the niggly arguments we’d have by not having this self-imposed pressure to walk her so much. We also love the freedom of being able to leave her for longer periods (not whole days but up to 5 hours which was unheard of before).”

Imagine a Life ...

where your dog barks only when a stranger approaches your home, your dog sleeps and wakes up to fit in with your family life. You could just pick up the lead and leave the house knowing your dog is listening and responding. You know that if you find yourself in a situation where you are struggling and feeling overwhelmed you will have the confidence to know exactly what to do to keep your dog safe and responsive. You want to go out to the shops, visit friends, or go to work and your dog will happily relax and sleep at home when your are out. Your relationship with your dog will be transformed from one where both you and your dog are no longer feeling confused, scared, worried, frustrated, guilty or overwhelmed To One of connection and understanding, no longer feeling trapped or forced into training or behaviour that either doesn’t work or just doesn’t feel right.

What's Included:

  • Step 1 - book in with me for your 1 hour 1 2 1 review of your particular situation and find our where to focus your efforts first.
  • Step 2 - Immediate access to the 4 videos outlining the 4 Care Connections that will form the basis of all our work together.
  • Video 1 - Food, the importance of food to your dog, and exactly how to feed your dog and the best way to use treats
  • Video 2 - Separation/Greetings and Attentions, why is eye contact so important to your dog. The exact way to leave and return to your dog along with strategies to ensure their attention is focused at the right times, not when you are trying to watch your favourite movie!
  • Video 3- Perceived Danger, this is an area that often manifests in excessive barking. Find out the 3 types of barking and what to do prevent it.
  • Video 4 - The walk, we look at when is best to walk your dog, how to help your dog walk to heel, remain calm and not react to other dogs/cats/people/leaves in the wind! The magic of recall and how to practice this without putting your dog’s safety at risk
  • Step 3 - This is not required but if you like to take notes access your Work book so you can take notes alongside the videos.
  • Step 4 - Start to track your progress using the tracker to keep you motivated and monitor your own progress ( again this is not for everyone, if you are the sort to “wing it” this is also good, your dog will be your guide)
  • Step 5 - Show up to (or listen to the recordings) your weekly coaching and accountability calls on a Friday at 1pm. This is where the real magic happens. The best way to see results fast and maintain them is when you are making changes you love. Life is meant to be easy especially with a dog. You might be surprised to know you are not alone, ever!

You can listen quietly or get involved. It’s the space where we uncover any self-sabotages, your mindset blocks, we burst the bubble on the many myths surrounding dog behaviour. Dog ownership should be fun and easy. Let's find the path of least resistance for you and your dog. 

  • Step 6 - Make use of the what’s app group that will have “me in your pocket” for the duration of your course to offer support, reassurance and answer questions that come up between calls.

Finally after the course is finished you will be invited to my FREE FB group, Julie’s graduates where you will find like-minded dog owners all using dog listening to enjoy a wonderful relationship with their dogs.

This course is not for you:

  • If you are looking for someone to come along with a magic wand and do something with your dog in order to change their behaviour.
  • If you are not ready to get curious about your own behaviour

This course is for you:

  • If you are ready for the next step and are ready to try a fresh new approach to dog behaviour.
  • If you have a puppy and want to get started on the right track.
  • If you have tried “everything” but feel there must be more to dog ownership than your experience right now.
  • If you already practise Dog Listening but with limited success. 
  • If you already practise Dog Listening and you love it, but you want to know more.

This is your chance to take it to the next level. Deepen your understanding and your relationship with your dog to see even better results. Please note your dog does not need to be present during these calls. You are the connection between your dog and I. You are the important part in the relationship with your dog. Let’s honour that bond.

I will save you time, and risk, working with me will guarantee Dog Listening will work for you and your dog. 

Price: £597

Payment Plan available

If after 2 weeks you have committed fully to the course requirements and made the necessary changes for your dog, yet you feel this is just not the course for you, then please contact me and if I cannot rectify the situation, I will happily refund 50% of your course fee.



I am confident you will love Dog Listening as much as me and these previous clients:


Nicola, London

'' Our dog's behaviour is a work in progress, but feeling more confident and feeling that there are practical tools in place makes a world of difference. It also allows you to 'forgive' certain behaviours better because you understand more why they're happening so they make sense rather than.'' just being annoying ;-)

Alex, Oman

'' I recently did this course and I can't recommend it highly enough. If anyone's thinking of doing it - go for it! It'll change everything you thought you knew about dogs and make your life with your dog so much easier and calmer. I really wasn't sure what to expect of an online dog coaching course, but it exceeded every expectation. Best investment you could make for you and your dog.''

Laura, Edinburgh

'' The course was fantastic and I truly believe that any dog owner would benefit from it.''






If you are ready to make some simple changes to your own behaviour to see major improvements to your dog’s behaviour, come and join me. I would love to help you enjoy an improved relationship with your dog full of love, understanding and connection.