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Hi, I am so glad you have found your way here.

Let's make sure you are in the right place, can you say yes to 1 or more of the following?

  • Your dog barks a lot
  • Your dog is becoming more and more reactive to other dogs, maybe people, cats, birds - in fact could be anything some days
  • They can be hyper vigilant, unable to relax, always on the move - it's exhausting
  • You’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work
  • You might have cried, their behaviour is so frustrating and confusing

If yes, you are in the right place, your dog's not broken and I bet you have not tried this...

Read on to find out more about my 4 step Peaceful Paws Framework. It's going to change your world! I promise. 


Nice to meet you

Hi, I’m Julie.

I’ve been helping dog owners for nearly 20 years so I know your dog can change. 

After struggling with my own dog's behaviour back in 2006, I qualified as an advanced Dog Listener, and I’ve supported and coached hundreds of dog owners to enjoy a calm, relaxed life with their dog, all in a simple, holistic and kind way.

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My Peaceful Paws Solutions:

Peaceful Paws:
A 4 step framework that will change everything

A comprehensive programme  where you will quickly see improvements. With weekly personal support from Julie....


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Peaceful Paws DIY: 30 Day Experiment


Try it for yourself. Commit to changing your own behaviour to improve your dog's behaviour and take part in my 30 Day Experiment. Coming soon..... 


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Peaceful Paws:
 Free E-book 


Get started right now with my Free E-book. The 4 step Peaceful Paws framework outlined in a clear, simple and logical way. Space for your own notes along with easy actionable steps.

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Peaceful Paws:

Barking mad to calm and quiet. 

For owners of dog's whose barking is driving them nuts. 

It's really possible, I believe in you and your dog and with a better understanding of the situation and a few simple changes to your behaviour…

  • You will be able to take a walk with your dog feeling happy and in control. Imagine feeling confident no matter what crazy things other dog owners get up to! It is possible.

  • Completely reduce your own anxiety about your dog's behaviour

  • Be able to leave them at home and enjoy time away from your dog without the worry that they will trash your house or disturb the neighbours.
More about Peaceful Paws

How the Peaceful Paws Programme actually works. 


  •  A private 1 hour call with Julie to get you off on the right track with a personalised action plan.
  • Immediate access to the full programme where you discover everything you need to know to be able make the changes required to have a calm and quiet dog you can take anywhere.

  • Weekly personal support from Julie via live group Zoom calls to hold you accountable, keep things simple and answer any questions to make sure you and your dog are on the right track and seeing results.

  • What's App group support to answer any questions that come up between calls.

  • Calm and quiet dogs you can take anywhere are at the core of this programme, by offering weekly and monthly support Julie can make sure this happens for you.

Alex, Oman

 I recently did this course and I can't recommend it highly enough. If anyone's thinking of doing it - go for it! It'll change everything you thought you knew about dogs and make life with your dog so much easier and calmer.
I really wasn't sure what to expect of an online dog coaching course, but it exceeded every expectation. Best investment you could make for you and your dog. It's brilliant! Every dog owner would benefit from this.

Katie, Edinburgh

Hand on heart I’m SO glad I did the course; it’s completely changed the way we are with Pip and made Pip a happier and more chilled dog too. It has taken such a HUGE pressure off us as a couple too and eliminated one of the niggly arguments we’d have by not having this self-imposed pressure to walk her so much. We also love the freedom of being able to leave her for longer periods (not whole days but up to 5 hours which was unheard of before).

Sharon, London

The face to face chats are immensely reassuring, but the progress one sees when reflecting on the documents is helpful. how I feel now is prob the best bit - I feel relaxed and happy with Brothie.

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Not quite ready to jump in to the full Peaceful Paws Programme.

Check out some of my other solutions...


Peaceful Paws DIY: 30 Day Experiment   

In just 30 days learn the 4 simple steps to transform your dog's behaviour from barking mad to calm and quiet.


More about the 30 day Experiment

Peaceful Paws e-book

Get started right now with my FREE e-book. The 4 step Peaceful  Paws framework outlined in a clear, simple and logical way. Space for your own notes along with easy actionable steps.


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