A dog behaviour coach

My name is Julie Cluley,  Dog Behaviour Coach, A little Peace of Mind Practitioner, lover of wild swimming, wine and my dog Fudge.

I have owned and worked with dogs for over 14 years, so I have an excellent understanding of the issues you are going through with your dog and most importantly, I can help you solve them. I love talking all things dog-related and the techniques I use are proven to work.

I can help you remove concerns about how your dog behaves (whether at home or in public), provide the support you need in order to ensure your dog is relaxed, responsive and feels happy most of the time and I will help you improve your relationship with your dog for the long term.

Until the age of 30 I had a “proper” job in Events Management at that time I decided to give it all up to become a dog walker…. Yes there were some raised eyebrows!

A couple of years and a qualification in Dog Behaviour Coaching later, I turned my business from Dog Walking to Dog Behaviour Coaching and have spent the last 14 years helping my clients improve their dog’s behaviour by learning how to listen to their dogs and understand their language so their dog can live in a relaxed and responsive way in a world they really don’t understand.

I absolutely loved my job, however, where there are anxious dogs struggling to fit in to our crazy world, there are often anxious people. I often found myself listening to issues other than the dog’s behaviour and felt under qualified to provide any kind of support when it came to the humans.

After experiencing my own struggles with stress, anxiety, panic attacks, overwhelm, busyness, and a horrible sense of urgency. I came across the Inside out understanding An understanding of the human condition that changed the way I experience life in such a profound way that I felt moved to share the understanding in a professional capacity. In April 2020 I qualified as “a little peace of mind practitioner” and now work with a lovely mix of clients.

I feel extremely lucky that I get to help and support dog owners having issues with their dogs AND literally anyone who feels they are struggling with anxiety, stress, overwhelm and busyness in this crazy world and would like to put the joy back into their life.

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