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Julie Cluley
Helps you help you and your dog.
Edinburgh, Scotland


I am so delighted you have found your way here. If you have any specific questions or would like to know more about how I can support you and your dog, please do get in touch. You can PM me or e-mail me. I love to hear all about your dog/s and if you can send me photos even better!. 

E: [email protected]


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Coaching for joy 

If you feel anxious, worried and overwhelmed with life and are totally over it. You know life can be so much better and more joyful, but these good feelings seem to have been sucked right out of you.  I hear you.  I was there not so long ago. If you are ready to bring the joy fun and laughter back into your life. PM me or e-mail me and lets get started. 

E: [email protected]

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