Transforming your dog from reactive to responsive

Nov 22, 2021
Transforming your dog from reactive to responsive

As I walk along our local beach it occurs to me just how many of the dogs I  see are reactive than responsive to not just their owners but everything that life offers them. 

That can be anything from reacting to the doorbell, to people walking past the house, to birds/cats in the garden to walks full of all kinds of distractions and things to react to. Common suspects are small children/skateboards/bikes/cars/buggies/men in black hats! the list goes on and on. If your dog has something unusual they react to do hit reply and let me know. 

If you have a dog you feel is more reactive than responsive there is lots you can do to help them. 

Here is 1 thing you can stop doing and 3 things you can start doing. 

🛑 Stop focusing where the problem is.  If your dog is reacting then they are definitely not listening to you. Now is not the time to try and work with them. Yes, sometimes distracting them can work in the short term, cue: sit/give them a ball/make eye contact etc However, this will not  change their mind about why they are reacting in the first place.  

✅ Help them to relax as much as possible throughout the day, a dog that is generally more relaxed will have way more tolerance for things that trigger them. 

✅ Implement the 4 care connections I share in all my work books/blogs and courses.  This is a tried and tested approach that is guaranteed to relax even the most reactive/nervous dogs

✅ Click here to access my FREE dog workbook to get all 4 care connections. 

As always don't take my word for it, try it out for yourself.  See what happens and if anything resonates with you come and like my FB page where I regularly spend time sharing tips/advice and answering questions via FB lives. 

Peaceful paws always. 

Julie x