Why your dog doesn't want to go out in the rain!

Nov 22, 2021
Why your dog doesn't want to go out in the rain!

Some people say "my dog loves the rain" while other dogs really hate it.

But why? 

I am unsure why some love it. I often wonder if they really do or are just good actors.  However, there is actually a really good reason why your dog might not like the rain. Our dogs see the world much less visually than us. They use their amazing sense of smell and sense of hearing way way more than we do (sure there will some stats somewhere if you google it!). This means that when they poke their head out the back door, it's really difficult to get a sense of what's happening out there, the rain stops them from being able to smell at their usual distance and the noise affects their hearing. This means it is more difficult to check out their surroundings and ascertain if it is safe or not. So unless they really need to leave the house i.e. for food/or their home is unsafe, they will choose not to.   Most of our domestic dogs are never very hungry so given the choice they will wait for the rain to pass and venture out when it feels much safer. 

If this is your dog, you now have the perfect reason to do the kind thing and stay home when it's raining! Yes, really. You don't have to walk your dog in the rain.   

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Julie x