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The Puppy Love online course – creating happy owners of relaxed, contented dogs.

The three key aims of this course are:

  • To help you develop a good relationship with your puppy now and for the long term
  • To help you develop a better understanding of your puppy’s needs and ways to improve the communication between you
  • To teach you simple ways to support your puppy to become more relaxed and responsive more of the time

Every week, for six weeks, you will receive an email with a training video.

Each one will have a slightly different focus, all helping you to build a great relationship with your puppy.

There is also a weekly live Q&A call held every Monday at 6pm via Zoom and a private client Facebook group. The Facebook group is available to you to ask questions and provide support around all things dog behaviour.



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I loved Julie’s Puppy Love course. Julie was AMAZING! She is super helpful and totally knows her stuff! We started when our puppy was 14 weeks and he is SO good. Listening to the questions the other dog owners in the group had was really reassuring too – it’s good to know you’re not alone and the hints and tips that Julie gives are second to none. I genuinely believe Hugo is as good as he is because of the advice Julie gave to me and the group. There are times when something crops up and I know what to do as Julie was so clear and explained every eventuality in an easy-to-understand way. I found the course brilliant and I’d HIGHLY recommend that you go for it! It will save you sleepless nights, toiletting issues, jumping up, biting, you name it – Julie covers it! Thanks so much Julie for all your help!